The Yankees minor league pitching coach for the Single-A Staten Island Yankees since 2008, Pat Daneker, had his 2009 World Series ring stolen from him by two women he had met in a bar that night.

While in Tampa, Florida, Daneker was out drinking when he took two women back to his Holiday Inn Express hotel room.

A hotel clerk said Daneker and the two women came in at 3:00 a.m. and the women left alone at 4:00 a.m. Daneker reported the ring stolen.

Apparently he took a couple of women back to his hotel room, passed out, and they took his ring from him.

They also took some money and a pair of cell phones, one issued to him by the Yankees. The women were later arrested and charged with grand theft.

I actually know Daneker from my time covering the Staten Island Yankees. I wouldn’t go as far as to call us friends, but we had a very friendly working relationship and I really enjoyed interviewing and talking pitching with him.

Knowing Pat, I initially laughed at this story, but the more I think of it the worse I feel because as far as I know Pat is still married (he got married in October of 2007). So Daneker could end up losing two rings in this deal, his World Series ring and a wedding ring.

I hope all goes well for him from here on out, but this just goes to show you that baseball players have to be extremely cautious when it comes to women and relationships.

No offense to Pat, but a guy who looks like him probably needs to be more careful. I don’t know what these women look like, but I’m sure he’s not used to bringing two chicks back to his hotel room.

He let his guard down for a minute, or 45 in this case, and he’s put his job on the line and his marriage.

Daneker pitched for the Chicago White Sox in 1999. He had a 4.20 ERA in three games and two starts.

I wish him the best.

BTW, his wife is pretty hot.


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