You really must be kidding me.

Every Yankee fan you ask will tell you that Cliff Lee is going to be a Yankee next season—no matter what, lock down guaranteed. The Yankees can pay him the most and offer him the best chance to win championships.

Well, it might benefit Yankee fans to control themselves a little bit when it comes to Lee’s family members.

According to a report from USA Today, during the ALCS, when the Texas Rangers were in New York to play the Yankees, Cliff Lee’s wife Kristen was sitting in the visitor’s family section. According to her, fans were yelling obscenities at her and throwing beer in her direction.

“The fans did not do good things in my heart,” Mrs. Lee told USA Today. “When people are staring at you and saying horrible things, it’s hard not to take it personally.”

Again, you must be joking me. I understand that the actions of a few fans do not translate to the feelings and actions of ALL Yankee fans and that it’s hard not to be upset when a man is on the mound spanking your team, but to spit beer and curse at the man’s wife is a bit out of line.

When the offseason comes, Cliff Lee will be, by far, the most coveted free agent in baseball. Yes, the Yankees have the best chance at signing him to a long-term deal, but you can forget about the relationship between CC Sabathia and Cliff Lee from their days in Cleveland.

Because if Lee tells his wife she’ll be spending the next four to six years sitting in that crowd while her husband pitches for the same fans that threw beer and spit and cursed at her, she’ll tell him to stay in Arlington.

How ironic it would be for the same fans that walk around on cloud nine at the thought of Lee pitching for the Yankees next season to actually destroy that chance. I’m sure Boston Red Sox and New York Mets fans would love it.

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