Unless there is a catastrophe, the Yankees are going to buy another World Series this season. There’s no denying it.

That team is stacked with great hitting and great pitching. Their young players mesh with the veterans when it comes to creating a cohesive unit.

There’s no team in baseball that can challenge them. People can talk about the Giants with their starting five, but the Yankees have a good starting rotation of their own.

This baseball observer watched the Yankees over the weekend. The Yankees played great in all of three games, and they should have swept the Twins.

One would think greatness would inspire this critic. Think again.

The Yankees are boring to watch from this perspective. It’s hard to get excited when a team dominates the other teams. There’s the Yankees, and there’s the rest.

The Yankees make other teams look inferior and outmatched. Has any series been competitive this year?

Sure, the Tigers dominated the Yankees last week, but that was an aberration. The Yankees are entitled to have a hiccup in the season. Even the 1998 Yankees were in a funk.

It’s not a big deal. When it matters, the Yankees will make the Tigers look like chumps.

The Rays are in town during the midweek. We are supposed to believe the Rays are the Yankees’ kyrptonite. Don’t be stupid.

The Rays did not look great against the Yankees in the first series of the season on opening weekend. The Rays did not have the bullpen depth to catch up with the Yankees in that series.

Don’t expect things to be different.

It’s not a great story when a great team overmatches other teams.

This team has so much talent that it registers a yawn when a Yankee does something great. For one thing, they are supposed to do it for the money they are being paid. Second of all, they make it look easy.

Do the Yankees need to work hard to be great? Even when it does not look like they are hustling, they find a way to get on base.

They rely more on their talent than working hard to be great. They are the only team that can get away with it.

The Red Sox, Twins, Phillies, Rays, Tigers, Cardinals, Rangers, and Mariners are exciting. Add in the Mets, Royals, Brewers, Indians, Athletics, and other awful teams in that conversation.

Those teams are gritty. They find a way to get it done with limited talent. They play with a spunk. Plus, they overachieve to get victories.

The Yankees don’t do any of those things. They don’t need to. All they have to do is be on the field, and everything works out.

It’s hard to relate to any mercenaries who make millions.

Everyone loved the Red Sox from 2003 and 2004. Most of their players were likable. They were not talented enough, but they knew how to win.

They were always resillient. Nothing could get them down. Even when the Yankees beat them, the Red Sox bounced back the next day against the Yankees.

The Red Sox almost beat the Yankees in the 2003 ALCS, but then Aaron Boone had his Yankee moment, and it was the end of a great season.

That team could have said Woe is Me. They could have felt sorry for themselves, but if anyone thought that way, they didn’t know the group.

The Sox used that ending as motivation for 2004. They did everything right in 2004, but it looked like it was going to be the same old story when the Yankees dominated the Red Sox for three straight game in the ALCS. The Red Sox took charge by winning three straight games to even the series.

It was over for the Yankees. There was no way the Yankees would recover. The Red Sox were determined to exocrise their demons after Game 7 in 2003. In Game 7 of the 2004 ALCS, the Red Sox put the game away early on, and it felt like they won a championship on the night they eliminated the Yankees.

That was a team to admire. With the Yankees, that’s not the case.

There is not a player that has a personality. Most of these guys act like playing baseball is a chore. There are too many punks on that team. The players on that Yankees team are more talented than the 2004 Red Sox team.

Based on the attitude at Yankee Stadium, it sounds like fans are not here to watch the game. They are there to be seen and heard rather than pay attention.

Maybe that team is not exciting to them too.


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