The Yankees had an off-day yesterday and are getting ready for a big week as they have a World Series rematch against the Phillies coming up followed by the Subway Series this weekend.

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Here are some notes:

  • Brett Gardner plans on using a protective ring on his thumb the rest of the season.
  • Yankees minor league outfielder David Winfree has a clause in his contract that allows him to look for a team that is willing to put him on the 40-man roster. The clause only allows him 24 hours to find this team and that time started either yesterday or today so if we don’t get any updates by tomorrow we can assume he’s staying with the Yankees.
  • Here is a list of players rumored to have been signed by the Yankees since the draft:
  • Kyle Roller 1B—8th Round, Zach Varce RHP—11th, Chase Whitley RHP—15th, Preston Claiborne RHP—17th, Mike Ferraro OF—20th, Trevor Johnson LHP—22nd, Shane Brown OF—23rd, Conor Mullee RHP—24th, Casey Stevenson 2B—25th, James Gipson RHP—31st, William Oliver RHP—35th, Nick McCoy C—36th, Nathan Forer RHP—46th, Frederick Lewis LHP—47th.
  • Most of the college students that were taken in the draft and have signed already will be heading for Staten Island, a practice that was confirmed by Yankees Vice President of baseball operations Mark Newman.
  • Staten Island won’t be officially unveiling their roster until this Friday, but Robert Pimpsner of Baseball Digest updated his list of expected SI players.

I’ll be trying to make it out to Staten Island a few times this season to cover some games and maybe get some player interviews. So be on the look out for that.

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