The San Francisco Giants, to this point, have outplayed the Texas Rangers. They’ve beaten the team that was supposed to be the favorite. The little guy has taken down the big guy.

One more win and the Giants will bring home the first ever World Series trophy the city has ever seen. They’ve been there—more than once—but never have they been the ones to celebrate. They’ve always been the ones that ended up watching the celebration.

In Game 5, it’s Tim Lincecum for the Giants and Cliff Lee for the Rangers. These two aces went head-to-head in Game 1, and Lee was dispatched early by the Giants offense.

However, most baseball people will tell you that Lee won’t lose twice in a row and that he won’t lose a big game like this.

He’s pitched in the World Series before—he’s been here, and he knows what it takes to get a win.

It’s a good thing for the Rangers because they cannot afford to lose. They want to continue to push this season one more game and take care of business tonight.

It’s Game 5 of the World Series. Are you ready?

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