The hit television show Glee has dominated Fox for the past year, but this October Cliff Lee, or “Clee,” as one site likes to call him, looks to take over Fox.

The followers of “Clee,” the “Cleeks,” have dominated Twitter for the past few days. 

Before the game in which Lee last pitched, Cliff Lee facts were trending on Twitter (#cleefacts). Some of the facts were ridiculous, such as “Cy Young won five Cliff Lee Awards” and “Neftali Feliz does not have to come to the game when Cliff Lee pitches, because Cliff Lee needs no closer.”

Here was my personal favorite: “Cliff Lee’s wife does not flirt with him, because no one hits on Cliff Lee.”

These jokes were made all in good fun before the game, seeming more like hyperbole than fact. Then the game started, and suddenly some of those “facts” looked more like the truth.

Lee dominated the Yankees, and the “facts kept coming.” This prompted one site,, to begin to market the Clee Facts and post them on a site.

As a personal friend of the creators of the site, here are some facts you need to know about the widespread phenomenon that is CleeFacts.

Clee Facts started out as knockoff jokes of the Chuck Norris and Jack Bauer jokes that we have already heard a thousand times. They quickly grew into more baseball jokes until they were a huge hit with Rangers fans, Cliff Lee fans and baseball fans alike. 

The site absolutely took off yesterday, when Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson got into the action with a few Clee facts of his own. The site jumped in hits, and in followers on Twitter, when Wilson decided to join in on the fun.

A couple of hours later, on 103.3 ESPN Radio in Dallas, Ben and Skin gave Clee Facts an on-air shoutout, resulting in even more hits for the site. They have been contacted by KDFW Sports, 1310 The Ticket and ESPN Radio, and Clee Facts have taken off. 

Here is a brief overview of the site that is quickly becoming very popular. I briefly spoke to two of the site creators today. Jorge Parrales and Jacob Herrera gave me a quick rundown of the site. is a place where you can go and see your favorite facts about Cliff Lee and even submit some yourself. At the far right of the front page on the site, you can enter your name, email and an original Clee Fact. 

Every other week the site will be running a contest to see who can come up with the best Clee Fact. The winner of the contest each week will receive a free “I Heart Clee” T-shirt. These very popular t-shirts are selling like crazy and are available for order on the site for only $12.

Today on Twitter they will be running a contest to give a free shirt away, and if they reach 2K followers, then they will give away two shirts, so follow them on Twitter @CleeFacts.

Clee Facts are becoming more and more popular each time Cliff Lee pitches. Go to and submit your own Clee Fact, or order an “I Heart Clee” t-shirt.

When Cliff Lee pitches tonight, you do not want to be the only one without an “I heart Clee” shirt.

This will be the next “Claw” and “Antlers” fad for all you Rangers fans.

“Clee Facts”—the facts about the most interesting man in baseball.

I will leave you with one more fact. “In high school, Cliff Lee was named All-State in two states. #CleeFacts.”

All you Rangers fans, go and check out, or follow them on Twitter at @Cleefacts to get all the latest info on our star pitcher.

If 200 People tweet a Clee Fact before game time with the hashtag #CleeFacts AND #bleacherreport, then we will give away a shirt to someone who has tweeted meeting those requirements.

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