It’s rare that you read anyone advocating for a .167 hitter to return to the lineup, but in the case of Brandon Wood the Angels should give him another chance.

With the acquisition of Alberto Callaspo it is likely that the Angels will stick with him as the starting third baseman over the next couple of seasons. However, when the Angels needed to call up an extra reliever last week they chose to send down utility man Kevin Frandsen and keep Wood around. The move makes sense on a practical level. Frandsen can go back to the minors, while Wood is out of options and the Angels would risk losing him to another team.

So the question is worth asking, if Wood is valuable enough to the organization that they are choosing to basically play with a 24-man roster (Wood has appeared only once since July 20) why are they not using him?

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Eric Denton is the head writer and content editor for LA Angels


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