Stephen Strasburg was drafted by the Washington Nationals last year with the first pick in the Rule 4 Draft.

Fans, scouts, and players say he has the best stuff they have ever seen. Every eye was on him as he progressed through the Minor Leagues. Some said that he could have just skipped the Minors.

The Washington Nationals made an announcement that Strasburg would be starting on June 8th against the Pittsburgh Pirates. 

He has the potential to become the next Randy Johnson or Roger Clemens.

But there is one thing that might hold Strasburg back, and maybe even end his career—his windup. 

When he delivers a pitch, his arms make an M, as shown above. Ring a bell?

Mark Prior anyone?—He seemed to be a player born to dominate baseball throughout his career, but after one strong season, injuries kept him from making some starts, and it ended his active career. He is now a free agent.

Could this be the same fate for Stephen Strasburg?

All the money, cameras, and scouting wasted on a busted player?

Because Prior has had healthy seasons, there is hope.

People ask, why not just change his windup. Fat chance.

You would not tell a first year pro baseball pitcher to change his windup completely when you have dominated like he has through Double and Triple-A and threw a no-hitter in college.

Nationals fans: let’s just hope for the best. 

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