San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy again said Tuesday in South Florida that Bengie Molina was posturing.


Two-time Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum hopes he will reconsider during the season.


No word from Bengie himself.


Last Saturday, Giants catcher Bengie Molina again mentioned that he will likely call it a career in the majors after the 2010 campaign, tweeted Sean Farnham of FOX Sports Radio. 


Molina said he would retire if he’s not the starter next season and added that he is unhappy with the way the Buster Posey situation has been handled.


The news is surprising considering Molina’s play so far this season. 


The 35-year-old is hitting .343 in 19 games, which is currently ninth best in the National League.


Bochy has been so satisfied with his batting that he has gotten him back in the lineup again as his cleanup batter.


Bochy has also praised Molina for his defense too and how he is playing like a Gold Glover.


However, two weeks ago, Molina expressed his frustrations in a published report by a San Francisco Bay area newspaper with how his free agency played out this offseason. 


After turning down a $5.5 million offer from the Mets, Molina ultimately chose to stay in San Francisco for $1 million less. While his 80 RBI impressed some, his overall stats did not lead to a multi-year offer.


“If I had trouble finding a job after five of my best years, what am I supposed to expect?” Molina said. “You are supposed to get paid for your numbers. But even if I have another good year, I know I cannot expect anything.”


Molina said in the interview said he is approaching this season as if it could be his last.


He is certain it will be his last as a Giant. Rookie Buster Posey could be in the major leagues any day, and he is preordained to be the club’s full-time catcher next season.


The 35-year-old veteran said he would retire before he would sign to become a second stringer next year behind Posey or anyone else. Even if the St. Louis Cardinals offered him a job backing up his All-Star brother Yadier, he said he would not be interested.


“It would eat away at me,” said Molina, a two-time Willie Mac Award winner as the most inspirational Giant. “I always appreciate this game. I never take it for granted that I am still here. I am seriously happy in San Francisco.”


Probably if not as a Giant, maybe he ends up with brother Jose with the Toronto Blue Jays.


Time will tell how his future will end after the end of 2010—of course, if he is not traded before.

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