This writer ascribes to the life philosophy that states, “When things get hard—Quit!”

Things are much harder in the 2010 playoffs for the Philadelphia Phillies than they have been in the previous two years.

The Phillies are actually facing a team in the San Francisco Giants that can outpitch them by a wide margin. A dynasty in the making, the San Francisco Giants Renaissance out of their previous Dark Ages is proving the claim that this is truly the year of the pitcher.

The San Francisco Giants have the best four-man playoff rotation in recent memory and a bullpen that is blanking the competition more often than not.

Coming into the NLCS, there was no question the Philly has the best lineup in the NL.  There was a question, however, if the best pitching staff in the NL—belonging to the Giants—could shut them down.

That question was answered in Game 3 when Matt Cain and company shut out the Phillies’ fantastic lineup for a 3-0 win.

Chase Utley’s run-scoring error put the writing on the wall for Philadelphia. They should probably just quit—because it will only get harder to lose in front of the Philadelphia fans.

By dropping the last two games, the Phillies can just tuck their tails between their legs and go home without facing the Philadelphia fan base who would do nothing but boo them off the field on each swing and miss in a clinching Game 6 or 7 for the Giants.

Only a masochist would want to face such a destructive crowd.

This series is over and the Phillies should give themselves a reprieve from their suffering and willingly euthanize their chances. 

The San Francisco Giants have prepped their patient for death; now all the Philadelphia Phillies have to do is flip the switch and lay back as they enter their own much more peaceful baseball coma before elimination takes them to a better place.

It’s hard for the Phillies, and it’s time for them to stop fighting.  It’s time for the Phillies to quit.

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