Javier Vasquez was acquired by the Yankees this offseason. 

There were many arguments involving this trade because of the struggles he had as a Yankee back in 2004.

There were two sides.

One said that he can’t pitch in the American League, and is not worth the salary he is getting paid.

One said that he was injured when he struggled in 2004, and did above average with the Chicago White Sox.

Looks like the first side wins.

Vasquez pitched six strong innings against the New York Mets at Citi Field, before leaving the game with a bruised finger on May 21.

Yankees fans were excited about this showing and then hearing that Vasquez would be ready for his next scheduled start against the Minnesota Twins after leaving the Mets game. We, Yankees fans, all thought Vasquez finally got settled into the American League. We were wrong.

The start against the Mets was the only one decent for him this year, and there is one fact behind it: the Mets are a National League team.

No wonder Vasquez finally had a quality start.

Against Minnesota, he struggled again.

Someone needs to get this guy away from New York before he does anymore harm.

Keep in mind that there are trade rumors regarding Vasquez and the Houston Astros’ Roy Oswalt.

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