Apparently, Oliver Perez is going to be activated off of the Disabled List for the New York Mets tomorrow, after making five poor rehab appearances.

Given Perez’s big league service, Perez has to approve a designation to the minor leagues. For whatever reason, Perez thinks he will be helping himself and the Mets by staying with the club, and the Mets front office has no option but to give him a spot on the 25 man roster, given that he has spent the maximum time allowed rehabbing an injury in the minors.

Jerry Manuel has made it clear that Perez isn’t going to see the mound very much, if at all. He is going to be buried in the bullpen, just wasting away a roster spot. In essence, Manuel is saying that Perez does not deserve a spot on this team.

Pretty much everyone on Earth agrees that Perez should not be playing on the Mets, let alone any team in the MLB. Except maybe Perez and his agent and extortionist Scott Boras.

Perez has been bad both in the majors and the minors. But what is worse is how much of a cancer he is to this organization. He is going to be wasting a spot on the major league roster on a team that is trying to make a playoff push, all while making $12 million this season and next.

What I don’t understand, though, is why are the Mets even bothering anymore. If Perez doesn’t want to accept a DFA, why don’t they just release him?

In my opinion, it’s hurting the Mets more that Perez is wasting a roster spot. If the organization is going to pay Perez to sit in the bullpen and force the Mets to play with 24 players, why don’t they just pay him to sit at home and not hurt the ball club?

It makes sense – if the Mets are paying him anyway, just get rid of him. That way, the Mets can keep their roster full of players that actually deserve a spot on the roster, and will actually help the team.

Right now, the Mets are carrying three catchers – Rod Barajas, Henry Blanco and rookie Josh Thole. All indications are, that when Perez is activated, the Mets will no longer be able to carry three catchers. If they have to demote one to the minors, chances are it will be Thole.

Yet, Thole has been the best offensive catcher by far for the Mets, and has maintained an average well above .500 in his stint in the bigs. While Blanco and Barajas have been awful at the dish, I wouldn’t be shocked if Minaya and company opt to keep the veterans up with the ball club.

Regardless, this dilemma should not exist for the Mets. They need to give Perez and his misguiding agent Boras an ultimatum: accept a designation to Triple-A (where he should be, and where playing would actually help his career the most) or you’re cut.

Perez’s contract is bad, and it’s holding the Mets hostage.  At a certain point, you just have to say, screw the money. Sure, releasing Perez is a waste of $12 million, but keeping him on the roster buried in the bullpen is a waste of $12 million and a roster spot.

I don’t even care about getting anything in return for Perez anymore. It’s not worth holding onto him. The Mets need to do what’s right for the franchise and the fans.

If they don’t? Well, have fun getting booed more than anyone in history Oliver!

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