This might be the weirdest triple play you’ll ever see. 

The Chicago White Sox led the Texas Rangers 5-0 in the top of the seventh inning with the bases loaded and nobody out with Mitch Moreland at the plate.

Moreland lined out to right fielder Adam Eaton, who launched a throw to first baseman Jose Abreu.

Abreu tagged out Ian Desmond after he slipped off the first base bag, then threw home, where the White Sox caught Prince Fielder in a rundown for Chicago’s first triple play since September 2006, per Alysha Tsuji of USA Today.

The official scoring was a 9-3-2-6-2-5 triple play, as the White Sox took the series opener over the Rangers by that same 5-0 score.

Check out the play in the video above.

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