If you like talented rookies with your Major League Baseball, the 2015 season is the treat you’ve been waiting for.

As we noted recently, an invasion of young players that began a couple of years ago has hit its zenith in 2015. Many of baseball’s best prospects have arrived, and as a bonus, some unheralded youngsters have also broken through and shown star potential.

But this is all happening right now. What we’re going to do is gaze forward and determine which of 2015’s most promising young players have the brightest futures.

To do this, we’ll consider what players have shown they can do in the majors and what they project to do going forward. Since not all players have gotten the same amount of playing time, this means we’ll have to lean on scouting reports for some players more than we will with others.

Another thing: We’re not counting Yasmany Tomas, Jung Ho Kang or Alex Guerrero. While they may technically be “rookies,” all three came to MLB with years of experience in foreign professional leagues.

Our countdown will begin with a list of honorable mentions, and then it’s on to the 15 players with the brightest futures, ranked from least bright to most bright.

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