One of the more interesting aspects of examining who’s in, and who’s not in regards to Baseball’s Hall of Fame is looking at how players chances were perceived during their careers.

In the late 1980s, who thought Don Mattingly would be on the outside looking in? Dwight Gooden? Five years ago, Andruw Jones looked like a good bet to hit 500-600 home runs, and along with his Gold Glove defense, ride into the Hall five years after his retirement. The point is, stuff happens.

So, as we stand today, what ten players under the age of 30 are most likely to end up in the Hall of Fame?

A quick guideline. Jason Heyward is great. Matt Wieters is great. Tommy Hanson is great. But in order to be considered for this list, you need at least one full seasons as an All-Star caliber player, and multiple seasons as a starting player in the Majors.

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