As the A’s round out their first successful road trip this season with a 6-4 record, their winning percentage sits at .527 (29-26). This is good enough for a half game out of first place in the AL West.  That corresponds to a final record of 85-77, which may be enough to take the division. 

This is not a bad season, overall; however, a lot can be done to raise this percentage and give the A’s a legitimate chance at a late playoff appearance, and possible success.

Although the pitching is performing admirably, the A’s desperately need to add a power bat to their lineup. One open position is left field.  Some possible corner outfielders include:


Jose Guillen

Josh Willingham

Corey Hart


With just one acquisition in left field, the A’s lineup looks formidable enough to contend in the playoffs:


Crisp/ Davis CF                       

Barton 1B            

Sweeney RF           

Guillen/Willingham/Hart LF

Cust DH

Kouzmanoff 3B

Suzuki C

Ellis 2B

Pennington SS


With numerous trade pieces looming in the minors, the A’s have all the tools they need to make a deal this July.  And with the Mariners struggling and Kendry Morales, the west may become a two-team race.

Major prospects such as outfielder Michael Taylor and first baseman Chris Carter should provide a major boost this September or sooner, but the next two months are a perfect time for Beane to make a move. And there is no denying the A’s pitching deserves it.


What do you think?

Who should the A’s go after?

Can they win in October with the current offense?

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