Last Thursday, Justin Verlander said he didn’t feel he was snubbed from the All-Star Game.

But due to outings by All-Star starters like New York’s CC Sabathia, Verlander was given the nod to represent Mo-Town in the midsummer classic.

Verlander’s numbers are comparable to those voted in, but during the process, his numbers weren’t up to par, he said. Verlander had an 8-5 record, and a 3.85 ERA. He explained how peers and managers select pitchers—position players are placed by fan-vote.

“I didn’t vote for myself, and I told everyone else not to,” Verlander said Thursday in Davison, Mich. “I didn’t feel like I was deserving…I did not feel like I was snubbed. There are other guys with better numbers than me that deserve to go.”

With a 7-3 win Friday over division-rival Minnesota, Verlander improved to 11-5 with a 3.82 ERA. He has won 10 of his last 13 decisions, and is a vital key to the Tigers’ AL Central title hopes. The White Sox leapfrogged the Tigers on Sunday, and lead the Central by a half-game.

Although the All-Star voting is designed with the fan in mind, Verlander said on multiple occasions that he thinks it could use reconfiguration.

“Obviously, you want the fans to be involved, it’s for the fans,” he said. “Now, it’s meaningful. It’s home-field advantage in the World Series. It’s huge. I think the Yankees will tell you that.

“For fans to have that much influence, and for it to mean that much, it’s something that needs to be addressed. For the most part, I think fans are pretty knowledgeable and right. But every now and again, they get something a little bit wrong.”

Verlander told the Detroit News he was happy to be honored, but being a replacement wasn’t what he had in mind.

“It’s obviously kind of a flawed system, in my opinion,” he said. “There are probably better ways to do it. This is the first year that they’ve done it this way, so I think there will probably be some adjustments made because it’s not easy for anybody who has a chance.

“You really don’t know what to prepare for.

“But the All-Star Game’s the All-Star Game no matter how you get there. Like I said earlier, when the time came for voting and stuff, I didn’t feel like I (deserved to) go. But I feel like since then I’ve thrown the ball pretty well. I wouldn’t be out of place there.

“It’s always an honor to have an opportunity to go and represent your team and represent this city so I’d definitely be excited.”

While Tigers fans debate on whether or not it would be wise for Verlander to pitch against the National League’s elite if he gets the chance, most applaud his nomination.

Verlander will join teammates Miguel Cabrera and Jose Valverde for the contest Tuesday night in Anaheim, Calif.

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