The highlight reel for the Oakland Athletics‘ 2012 season rivals the likes of recent years in the East Bay. Between the 15 walk-off wins and the comeback victory over the Texas Rangers to solidify the AL West crown, Oakland fans have much to reflect on. 

Bartolo Colon was on the losing end of the 2012 Athletics’ storybook year, though. His 50-game suspension for the illegal use of testosterone brought the RHP’s season to an abrupt end. 

The A’s recently announced their $3 million, one-year deal with the veteran pitcher for the 2013 season, though honoring the five remaining games that Colon is under suspension. 

Colon (10-9, 3.43 ERA in 2012) proved to be an optimal force when called upon to take the hill for Oakland—though the validity of his dominance is now called into question, as with any case of cheating. 

Following the Athletics’ July campaign that left opposing teams in the dust was the news of Colon’s required departure. 

When Colon’s suspension planted doubt in the Athletics’ remaining games, the resilient Oakland pitching staff carried on with little interruption. 

The question is, will signing Colon to a single-year deal be beneficial for the A’s clubhouse in the upcoming year? 

There is no doubt that having Colon’s veteran presence among the extraordinarily young pitching staff will pay dividends for Oakland’s growth.  

The pressing issue is, however, whether or not the Athletics will be receptive to Colon’s wisdom and guidance in light of his mistake. 

The signing of Colon to another year in Oakland exemplifies Billy Beane and Bob Melvin’s level of faith and forgiveness in the pitcher—unlike what was shown to his Bay Area counterpart, Melky Cabrera. 

Ultimately, Colon needs to be heavy on the win-column in 2013 in order for his contract to be just another one of Beane‘s chess-like decisions. 

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