The Mets sailed into the All-Star break in second place, only a few games out of first, and one game out of the wild card lead. Three games later, the Mets now sit in third place, five games behind the first place Braves, half a game behind the second place Phillies, and two games out of the wild card. What has happened? What is wrong with these second half Mets? The return of Carlos Beltran was supposed to help the Mets get more wins, but they have yet to get one since he’s returned. Could it be they are worn out already? Could they have lost faith in Jerry Manuel? Or is it something else?

I personally feel it is currently the absence of Jose Reyes . Reyes is the spark plug on this team, and the Mets have done great this year in games he’s scored at least one run. He is currently not doing any baseball activities until he feels no pain what-so-ever in his oblique. The Mets need him. He also needs the Mets. He has become a key part of the Mets core, no one can deny that. He is part of a core that includes the likes of David Wright , Johan Santana , Carlos Beltran, and, I might even toss Ike Davis into that category. The Mets need to make a decision about Reyes. They either have to place him on the DL, or they play him. Right now they have an idle body on the roster, and it isn’t helping them. The way the Mets are handling the Reyes injury is what’s wrong with the Mets. They are removing the spark plug from their lineup and expecting to still win.

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