In Major League Baseball there is an unwritten rule that you don’t upstage the World Series by announcing trades or free agent signings (a rule ignored by Alex Rodriguez and his agent Scott Boras in 2007).

However, this afternoon I received a quirky email from the Washington Nationals.

It was in regards to their Halloween Pumpkin carving contest. 

The team has already selected three finalists and are asking fans to vote.  The motivation for voting (because honestly you need one when comes to selecting the best carved pumpkin) is a game-worn Adam Dunn Jersey.

To be honest it would be in bad taste to offer a prize from a fan favorite player that you have no intentions of re-signing (but at the same time this is the same franchise that sold millions of Stephen Strasburg jerseys last season and are now switching to new style of jerseys so everyone can repurchase one).

So this prize gives me hope that the Nats will open up their wallets and re-sign the slugger, who, if the price is right, wants to stay aboard this sinking ship of a team (note, I wouldn’t have typed that last line had Strasburg not gotten hurt).

So this may be an unintentional sign from the franchise that they are going to put forth an effort to keep Adam Dunn a National, or they’re just cleaning house on all things Dunn to make room for the bargain basement player they sign to replace him.

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