No, Wade LeBlanc didn’t throw his teammate Kyle Blanks on the score board although that actually might help.  This may be a just a glitch in the universe, it may be luck, or it may actually be the real thing.  Wade LeBlanc has been lights out and has helped the Padres actually have a winning record for once. 

I know what you’re thinking. “This is just the beginning of the year and none of this will matter come the All-Star break.”  You may be right or you may be wrong.  Either way, this kid cannot go unnoticed for what he has accomplished so far this season.  He’s doing well right now, so lets look at what he has done in his three-year career.

Leblanc, who will be 26 at the end of the season, first made the major league roster in 2008, pitching in five games and starting four of them.  His ugly 8+ era and more walks than strikeouts led him nowhere.  Although after a first sour cup of coffee, LeBlanc returned in 2009 looking for vengeance. 

He started in nine games and pitched pretty well considering how wild he was.  He hit 4 batters and walked 19 while striking out 30.  He still went 3-1 with a 3.69 ERA.  His numbers are drastically improving and this year may be the year the Padres will have their “Jake Peavy” ace in the rotation.  

If this is the year that Wade shows his true potential, then his numbers are already proving it.  In the month of April, Wade started 3 games with 2 wins and a 0.52 ERA.  His strikeout to walk ratio fell off the table and is 4 to 1, compared to 3 to 2 last season.  He has only allowed one run in 17.1 innings!  His only downfall this year is the number of hits he has allowed which has amounted to 18.  

Wade LeBlanc has plenty of time in his young career to either fall off the boat and into the depths of the minor leagues, or grow and become one of the more dominant pitchers in the division or even league.  Quite frankly it’s way too early in the season to know how Wade will do or the Padres for that matter.  It doesn’t hurt to get off to a good start though. 

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