According to the incredible website, the Baltimore Orioles and free agent DH Vladimir Guerrero are close to working out a one-year deal worth a “humbling amount”.

Assuming this deal gets done, I will be posting an article shortly thereafter discussing my views on the deal in detail. But let me tell you this much right now: I wouldn’t be opposed to it, because just think of how much fun it would be to be an Orioles fan during the 2011 season.

Vlad the Impaler would add quite the presence to an already above-average 2011 projected lineup on paper. Think about it:

Roberts – 2B

Markakis – RF

Lee – 1B

Vlad – DH

Reynolds – 3B

Scott – LF

Jones – CF

Wieters – C

Hardy – SS

I know, moving Scott to left would take time away from Pie and Reimold. But consider the fact that Pie would then become the 4th outfielder, and Reimold would be able to take some more hacks at AAA to improve upon the success he was having there towards the end of the 2010 season and up his confidence even more, and it doesn’t look that bad. Not to mention Vlad would offer that “feared hitter” presence that the lineup lacks (Lee needs to bounce back, so he can’t qualify, and Reynolds doesn’t have the average and strikes out too much to be an all-around “feared hitter”, though I’m sure his homer total does intimidate some pitchers).

Scott isn’t as bad a fielder as he’s made out to be in left, so even though he’d be a bit worse range-wise than Pie, he’d definitely have a more solid, reliable glove in terms of reading the ball and getting jumps, being a veteran. And with Jones’ range in center, Luke’s lack thereof would be made up for.

And hey, if the O’s aren’t in contention by the trade deadline, they could always flip Vlad to another team who needs the bat for a prospect or two.

I’m usually against signings such as these, but really, there’s more upside to this potential deal than there is downside, and at the very least, us O’s fans would be assured of plenty of fireworks at Camden this season. I’d enjoy the hell out of that.

Like I said, more to come if the deal is completed. Keep your fingers crossed.

UPDATE: Andy MacPhail has shot down the report, telling Steve Melewski of that it is “simply not accurate”. Who knows if MacPhail is telling the truth or not, considering he likes to keep his cards close to him and not release anything until it’s a done deal. I’ll keep you posted.

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