Warning: Video contains NSFW language and near toxic levels of bro commentary.


A mugshot of “Fountain Lady” has surfaced.

According to Joe Kinsey of Busted Coverage, the woman is now being called “Fountain Mom” by local Kansas City radio station 96.5 The Buzz. The station alleges the woman is a 25-year-old from Des Moines, Iowa. According to The Buzz, Fountain Mom was arrested and has been charged with trespassing, resisting arrest and soliciting. Perhaps those playful shirt-flips have been interpreted as more than an exhibition.

No public intoxication charge has been filed, so it’s possible Fountain Woman wasn’t intoxicated during her theatrics on Monday. Her mugshot still suggests otherwise.

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Join two intrepid bros as they chronicle the spectacle of the summer—a seemingly over-served fan taking on the slippery heights of the Kauffman Stadium fountains in Kansas City.

The incident occurred in the middle of Monday night’s matchup between the Kansas City Royals and the Minnesota Twins, when a woman in a Royals shirt endeavored in some slick parkour and ended up wading through the elevated fountains behind the stadium’s right field wall. 

Video of the woman’s trip into Waterworld was discovered by CBS Sports, and features an ongoing narrative of two bros watching intently as she navigates the multilevel fountain like an aquatic Aggro Crag.

Anticipation builds and the bro commentary continues to roll as the woman clambers over narrow lips toward one of the stadium’s waterfall. She eventually finds a dry platform next to the falling water and begins putting on an exhibition for fans.

Image via @SDBassCreature

Image via @SDBassCreature

As the bros in the video point out, the situation presented a unique problem for stadium officials, who have no way to reach the woman without jumping into the water themselves.

Eventually the fan gives up the ghost and crawls up a ledge into the waiting arms of security. She was last seen leaving the park in handcuffs.

Image via @SDBassCreature

Image via @SDBassCreature

It has yet to be confirmed whether his woman was incredibly inebriated or just overheated, but the temperature in the stadium for the night time game was 85 degrees—not exactly submerge-to-stay-alive conditions. Couple that with the Hurricane glass full of blue drink she’s toting with her, and all signs indicate this fan was sailor-drunk when she decided to pull her watery stunt.

That being said, a fan going loose seal in a giant multi-tier fountain is certainly a change of pace from the typical field-rushing goons who need Twitter to tell them to live dangerously.

Royals fans were treated to a show on Monday, and for better or worse, it’ll likely be one they ever forget.


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Image via @SDBassCreature

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