A lot of talented MLB trade targets are still available after the winter meetings in San Diego came to a close Thursday afternoon.

True, the annual summit filled Twitter feeds across the country with arguably more news than any one person could conceivably digest in four days. For a rundown of the winners and losers of the four-day melee, see this post by Bleacher Report’s Jason Catania.

That said, we are here to look at the top 15 trade targets left after the dust settled.

To be clear, only players who had active rumors tied to them during the winter meetings will be included. That way, names aren’t randomly selected off MLB rosters.

Each player will be ranked based on bWAR (Baseball-Reference’s version of wins above replacement). This gives the list some structure, as several of the players are within decimal points of each other, and we are not about to debate the inherent value of a catcher against that of a left-handed reliever.

Beginning with two players who did not make the list, here are the top 15 targets potentially available via trade following the MLB winter meetings.

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