With the eyes of the sporting world fixated on the NFL playoffs, CFB bowl season, the NBA regular season and CBB conference play, the casual sports fan may need to brush up on the latest MLB offseason headlines. 

Now that we’re on the other side of the New Year, the beginning of a new season doesn’t seem that far away. Pitchers and catchers report in a little over a month, while Opening Day is just 87 days away.

The offseason’s Hot Stove has been abnormally warm, with a bevy of trades and free-agent acquisitions to keep baseball fans engaged during the down time. Even with such extensive movement, there are still a few dominoes left to fall before the season kicks off.

We know both Max Scherzer and James Shields need homes in 2015, but exactly how high will the tab wind up being for the top starting pitchers left on the market?

Ben Zobrist and Dan Haren have found themselves at the forefront of trade discussions this offseason. Will either player be traded before the start of the season?

Bullpen additions can often lead to postseason glory, so which teams will end up employing the best remaining late-inning arms?

The latest rumblings and grumblings on all these hot topics will be covered in the next few slides. The holiday season may have distracted you from the wheeling and dealing of a busy offseason, so be sure to refresh your memory on the winter’s biggest stories. 

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