We have reached what can be considered roughly the three-quarter mark of the 2016 MLB season, and that means it’s time for an updated look at the top 100 players in the game.

While previous editions of this list have taken into account things such as a player’s track record and future expectations, we’re far enough along that this time the only thing that matters is performance here in 2016.

It’s not about reputation—it’s about production this season. Nothing else. Can’t stress that enough.

Included alongside each player is a chart featuring their notable stats for the year, among which you’ll find their Baseball-Reference.com WAR total.

Just like any stat, WAR is a tool used to further understand the game.

It’s not the be-all and end-all stat to determine a player’s value, though. With that in mind, don’t expect this to simply be a reflection of the top 100 WAR totals around the league.

No one will agree completely with this list, and that’s the beauty of it—hopefully this will spark some levelheaded debate.

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