Under The Knife has always been about more than just listing the injuries around baseball. Sure, the focus is explaining the injury status of players like Albert Pujols, Derek Jeter and Ryan Howard, among others. But, it’s also been about updating the injury status of MLB in general and taking opportunities to find ways to reduce or prevent injuries. 

I like to take the intro to highlight some larger concept or an article from the last week that caught my eye on the topic of sports medicine. Today, you won’t get that here. I started work on it, but when it gets close to 1,000 words, it’s not an intro—it’s another article.

So later this week, I’ll show you what I was working on. The focus of the article is innings limits for young pitchers, specifically Matt Harvey, who is likely to add an inning of work at the All-Star Game (probably the first inning!) and how the Mets could handle him in the second half. With the counter-example of Stephen Strasburg and the attack on the Verducci Effect out there, this is something I’ve been discussing all season, but we’re no closer to any big answers for the game of baseball.

For you panicking Mets fans, I’ll ease your mind. They seem to be doing things the right way, using more of a checklist approach to when they’ll shut Harvey down. Again, I’ll have lots more on this later in the week. 

Until then, let’s take a look around the league at some big-name injuries as we head into the All-Star break.

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