Mets fans who didn’t know it tonight found out that this year, umpires are jokes.

Plain and simple.

I have not seen a bigger joke my entire life, and hopefully won’t the rest of my life. After tonight, I have to ask, what constitutes a situation where umpires can confer and possibly overturn a call?

Can someone, preferably MLB, explain that to me? Why was there no conference of umpires in Armando Galarraga ’s near perfect game yet there was one in tonight’s Mets game?

I have always been under the impression that when the home plate umpire makes a call on that type of play, another ump can’t overturn him, apparently I was wrong. In addition how can an umpire 120-130 feet away see if it hit him?

Another rule that should not have given Scott Rolen first base was the rule that says that if a batter doesn’t make an attempt to get out of the way of a pitch that hits them, they will not be awarded first base. Rolen didn’t attempt to get out of the way, in fact he leaned into it, if it even hit him.

That is mentioned in MLB Rulebook Section 6.08b. He shouldn’t have been sent to first place. Umpires are becoming a joke, they really are. This year is a fine example.

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