Hall of Fame pitcher and current U.S. senator Jim Bunning questioned the intestinal fortitude of Stephen Strasburg today after the pitcher was scratched from his scheduled start.

Bunning, whom one would think would have bigger concerns than who is pitching in a baseball game, stated, “Five-hundred twenty starts, I never refused the ball.  What a joke!”  

Bunning grabbed his shoulder and cried out, “my arm” in a mocking manner when discussing Strasburg.  

Bunning also stated that his opinion of Strasburg had fallen greatly due to the rookie’s non-start.  

My opinion on this matter is that Bunning really needs to do his job as a senator and be less concerned about baseball.  I understand that back in his day, pitchers threw complete games with regularity and didn’t have the rest of the modern day pitchers. By the same token, Bunning should understand that throwing a 100 mph fastball in an unnatural motion can be a risky proposition.  

In the end, I hope the Kentucky senator can get back to focusing on his job and avoid looking like a petty and jealous “back in my day” old codger.

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