Time to ask other Mets fans on Twitter another question. This time it was:

Hey Mets fans, what is 1 thing you want the Mets to get before the trade deadline expires?

Got quite a few responses, so lets get right into it:

@TylerFlushingBB a winning streak.


Interesting thought, but I don’t know if they can implement it, especially on the road. To go right along with that comment:

@TylerFlushingBB 10 more wins :) #whatiwanttheMetstogetB4deadline

@TylerFlushingBB Oh yeah, no doubt. Actually, a SP who can consistently keep them in games would be great, letting Taka strengthen the pen.


Again, an interesting thought. I’d love to see it, but I doubt they could implement it with most of the games on the road. I agree about getting a starting pitcher. I would love to get Roy Oswalt but I think that’s out of the Mets league.

@TylerFlushingBB Ill take anything, won’t believe Mets will trade until they do.


In all honesty, I doubt the Mets will make any trades either. They are on the brink of signing Chad Cordero but I think that’s all they’ll do before it passes.

@TylerFlushingBB new organizational philosophy

@TylerFlushingBB the specifics of what they do are not going to help. They are not a contender this year so no quick fix will help them

@TylerFlushingBB but they have a lot of pieces and a lot of talent. If they start planning for the long term they can build a contender


I thought this was quite the response. In response to them not being a contender, I think I have to disagree. They are still a contender if they start winning again, especially on the road. That has been their main problem this season. They do have a lot of pieces, but I don’t think long term rebuilding is the answer. I personally think a quick purge of unnecessary players (ie. Oliver Perez, Rod Barajas, John Maine) plus gaining a few more players would do the trick.

@TylerFlushingBB starting and relief pitching


@TylerFlushingBB Starting Pitcher.


@TylerFlushingBB the #Mets have to get another SP. Can’t rely on Takahashi/Ollie/Maine/Whoever.

If the #Mets can get another P I can live with Dickey as the 5th. Might as well ride it until he goes bad.


This has been a need for the Mets for multiple years. The only starter the Mets got was Johan Santana. The Mets need to get another starter for the rotation, and to dump Hisanori Takahashi back to the bullpen where he belongs. I agree, we can’t rely on Takahashi, Ollie or Maine for too much longer in the rotation. Takahashi has to go back to the pen where he does well, and we need another starter to solidify the rotation.

@TylerFlushingBB the decaying carcass of Jerry Manuel


That’s a bit…drastic. I wouldn’t go THAT far, I would just say getting rid of him would work.

@michaelgbaron @TylerFlushingBB I’ll take this one…a win!


OK, before I continue on, time to do a quick thank you. Huge thanks to Michael Baron over at MetsPhotos.com and MetsBlog.com who retweeted my question to all of his follower on Twitter. Had it not been for him, I would not have gotten nearly as many responses as I received. Check out his Twitter at: http://twitter.com/michaelgbaron Now to my response. AMEN! I would love a win right here, as would the Mets I presume. Now a response from another person on Twitter to that response:

True, or at least a few runs RT @nickbegley: @michaelgbaron@TylerFlushingBB I’ll take this one…a win!


@TylerFlushingBB @michaelgbaron – A win.


Well, we got 2 last night and the night before. Wouldn’t mind getting more than 2 runs tonight.

@lagranderusty @TylerFlushingBB@michaelgbaron fire Jerry Manuel, Castrate Minaya (oh wait that already happened) Fred Wilpon gets arrested.

@lagranderusty @TylerFlushingBB @michaelgbaronoh wait that was 3 things my bad, but they can all happen at the same time?


Part 1 I agree with. Part 2, too much information. Part 3, would getting bought out work?

@danjwilets @TylerFlushingBB a starting pitcher. delete unused apps.


I don’t know how the first person in that response ties in, nor do I know how the unused apps ties in either. But a starting pitcher is a common theme here. It is a must, but will the Mets get one?

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