The Florida Marlins currently are a team that are indecisive regarding their status as sellers or buyers. 

Meaning that possibly many teams could end up having interest in a pitcher like Nolasco, even possibly the Mets.

The Mets were considered front runners for a possible Cliff Lee trade, but unfortunately that fell through when the Mariners tried to sweeten their deal by asking the Mets to include Ike Davis in the possible trade. 

The Rangers acquisition of Lee leaves the Mets in a position to acquire other possible starting pitchers and in that list are many names like Ted Lilly and Roy Oswalt.

Why not include Nolasco in that list?

Nolasco pitches deep in ball games, walks few, and is a fantastic strike out pitcher. 

His numbers may be considered rather sub par as he has a 4.69 ERA and a WHIP of 1.29. Though the numbers may demonstrate him as an average starter he is still a pitcher that can give a team consistent outings as he almost never pitches less than five innings. 

The Mets could end up being interested in Nolasco, since the big name starting pitchers like Ted Lilly or Roy Oswalt will require a big trade package involving many top prospects and a great amount of cash that the Mets may or may not be willing to deal.

Also the competition from other teams to acquire these big name starters could create a bidding war that the Mets could possibly lose. 

Giving good reason to pursue a pitcher like Nolasco.

To acquire Nolasco there is no need for big name players like Ike Davis. 

It would be a simple trade involving bullpen help, and some prospects.

Possibly a Josh Stinson who has been good in AA ball or possibly a Manny Acosta who is pitching extremely well in his relief roll at AAA. 

Nolasco can also provide a great deal of help when pitching against division rivals. 

In the past especially against the Braves he has produced excellent outings, which could help the Mets take the lead in the division.

Mets fans all around are waiting for a big name starter to come and save their season, yet acquiring those big name starters are a big challenge, and when the trade deadline comes the Mets will want to have a safety net. 

The safety net should be Ricky Nolasco.

He is a low risk innings eater that could be a season changing pitcher for this Mets team. 

So before taking out your big New York check books, take a look at what some young cheap pitching can provide, because in the end the Mets may end up risking too much and gaining little at this trade deadline.

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