The full squad of the Toronto Blue Jays hs only been at Spring Training a week now, but already decisions are being made, injuries are happening and news is emerging.

John Farrell, the Blue Jays’ successor to Cito Gaston, is already working on the batting order in the first few games.  He would like to have a set lineup determined by the time the season begins, one for facing left-handed pitching and one for right-handed.  

Early reports have Rajai Davis leading off, with Yunel Escobar batting second and then Adam Lind and Jose Bautista in the third and fourth positions.  Which one bats clean up remains to be determined, as Lind has been averse to that role in the past, but has mentioned that he is more open to where he bats this year. 

Jose Molina acted as Brandon Morrow’s personal catcher last year, as well as received the occasional spot start on other days, and now looks to claim the same role this year.  Morrow has some pretty intense life on his pitches, so a veteran defensive catcher is needed to prevent wild pitches.  

Molina and Morrow developed a strong chemistry for pitching last year, pushing Morrow to his most successful year to date.

Travis Snider has been hampered early in Spring Training with a muscle injury in his chest that has restricted his ability to run and take batting practice.  He was able to take 25 swings off a tee on Friday and felt strong after it, suggesting that he isn’t far away from being able to compete in games.  

Snider will be looking to avoid injury for the rest of the season so he can log some consistent playing time this year.  Last year, he suffered a wrist injury that took him out for two months, and he was never quite able to regain the momentum that he was building before his injury.  

This could be a break-out year for Snider, as he will be a constant fixture out in the field and will be looking to improve on his 14 home runs and 32 RBI from last year.

Scott Podsednik is feeling better after being held up from practicing by plantar fascitis, but he believes that he could be back in action in two weeks time.  Posednik is competing for a backup outfielder role and could also provide another option at leadoff.

Frank Francisco is improving at Spring Training.  The relief pitcher is attempting to build up strength in his right shoulder by doing some long toss and having short bullpen sessions.  Francisco looks to claim the closer’s role for the Blue Jays, but could see some competition from Jon Rauch or Octavio Dotel.

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