The Blue Jays, oh man.

I’m not sure how to feel right now.

The Jays have powered their way into a respectable start. Realistically, they have been playing a little above their heads. But who cares, they win from time to time and HRs are fun.

It’s expectations that are killing me as a fan. The Jays are exactly where I hoped they would be, and for that reason, I want more. However, maybe that’s selfish.

Is it realistic to hope that the Big Smoke can compete, and possibly even come away with a wild card berth, or an A.L. East title? Wouldn’t it be wonderful?

Unfortunately, I have to accept that the odds of Jose Bautista hitting his 52nd HR to clinch the A.L. East title are low. I have to accept that the Jays winning 4-0 over the Yankees, in the same game that Kyle Drabek pitches a perfect game in his first Major League start—which eventually leads to a Phillies-Jays World Series—are very low. I have to accept that the Jays going to seven games, ending in a 1-0 win for Toronto because of Phillies fielding errors, where both pitchers pitch no-hitters, are very low.

So, where do the Blue Jays finish this year?

What’s a good result in your opinion?


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