One of the most exciting parts of spring training is that fans get a chance to see some of their favorite team’s top prospects.

Reading about a player’s impressive tools and big-time potential is great, but seeing them in action alongside established big leaguers gives an entirely difference perspective.

For contending teams, these prospects could provide reinforcement down the stretch as a team looks to make a playoff push. For rebuilding clubs, they represent hope for the future.

Ahead is a rundown of the top prospects in big league camp for all 30 MLB teams and an overview of how they have performed so far this spring.

The top-ranked prospect in camp with each team is profiled, and his performance so far this spring is graded based on on-field performance and his distance from reaching the majors.

For example, a 20-year-old who has yet to play about Single-A going 3-for-10 is more impressive than a player who has reached Triple-A and is legitimately vying for a spot on the team going 3-for-10.

A prospect receiving a “C” grade has neither turned heads nor disappointed, simply gained some valuable experience for the future.

The number alongside each prospect indicates where they rank within the organization heading into the year, according to Baseball America

A player with “OPTIONED” alongside his name is a prospect who has already been re-assigned to minor league camp after starting the spring on the MLB side.

For the sake of simplicity, we’ve stuck to simple A, B, C, D and F grades, with no “+” or “-” thrown into the mix.

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