The 2010 season for the Los Angeles Angels could best be described in five words: Nightmare on Gene Autry Way.

Coming out of the gates in April, the team stumbled to a 12-12 start. May greeted them with a rude awakening, a six-game losing streak.

Fighting to claw back to .500 and a semblance of respectability, the end of the month brought the Halos to their knees when they lost Kendry Morales to a season-ending broken leg, brought on by a victory celebration at home plate following a walk-off grand slam home run.

While the month of June brought smiles to Halos fans with an 18-9 record, another team to the Southeast was making noise as well. The Texas Rangers were not only playing well, they were also outplaying the Angels and leading the American League West.

July spelled out disaster for the Angels. With a 9-17 record for the month, they were facing an unfamiliar situation. Only two times since winning the World Series in 2002 have the Halos finished out of the playoffs, and the start of the new decade was not looking promising in that regard.

As the Angels played themselves out of contention in August and early September, one fact became increasingly evident: Starting pitching was NOT their problem. Aside from Scott Kazmir, who has been battling command issues most of the season, the starters collectively have received terrible run support since the All-Star break.

With the exception of Jered Weaver, who is arbitration eligible, all of the Angels’ starting pitchers are locked up by the Halos for next season. Judging by their performances thus far, they will be one of the strengths of the team for 2011.

In fact, their rotation could be one of the best in all of baseball.

Here is a detailed look at how they stack up in 2011.

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