World Cup betting players don’t have to worry about a trade deadline, like most professional leagues around the world in all sports. In Major League Baseball, the big name that everyone is saying will be on the market is Seattle’s Cliff Lee, who was traded from Philadelphia in the Roy Halladay deal. 

So, where could Lee end up, providing that Seattle doesn’t break out its chequebook?


The Red Sox are eighth in the American League in ERA and quality starts, and their starting pitchers have been hit by a combination of injuries and plain old poor pitching.

Josh Beckett has a 7.29 ERA and is struggling with a back injury.  Clay Buchholz is the best pitcher they have, but this is his first full season as a starter in the majors.  As far as need goes, the Red Sox may be the most desperate.

New York Yankees

A reunion with former Cleveland teammate C.C. Sabathia would be welcomed by Lee. Being on the Yankees would also give him a good chance at getting revenge on Philadelphia, as he claimed to be shocked to be part of the three-team deal that took Halladay from Toronto to Philly. 

Plus, the Yankees definitely have the money to sign Lee, whose contract is up after this year.  This would be like Brazil picking up a superstar in hopes of getting to the final World Cup contest of the tournament.

New York Mets

The Mets aren’t struggling for pitching right now, as they’re fifth in the National League in ERA. Atlanta is right behind them in sixth, and the Phillies are 10th , but they have the talent to get better. 

Adding Lee to the rotation would give the Mets a pair of southpaws that could rule the division as he would join Johan Santana in the Big Apple. They have the money, and again, there’s the revenge factor.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Like the Mets, the Dodgers are in a pitching-heavy division out West as San Diego (first), San Francisco (third) and Colorado (fourth) are all ahead of the ninth-place Dodgers in ERA.  Not to mention, they were depending on Chad Billingsley, who was shaky after last year’s second-half collapse, and who is now hurt. 

If you bet on MLB odds, you know that Lee, in all likelihood, would tear apart the National League West.


This is probably the least likely scenario, as the Mariners would want to trade Lee out of their division, but it’s not like the Mariners have any shot of catching the Rangers this season. 

The Rangers have improved their pitching dramatically since Nolan Ryan took over the team, and he’s an aggressive player who thinks a guy like Lee could make them a strong betting dark horse in the American League.  Don’t be surprised if this happens.


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