With the conclusion of the 2012 MLB season just a month behind us, it’s about that time when all serious fans begin entering that annual November-December depression, as reality sets in that baseball is over.

They know from years of prior experience that the only true remedy for their no-baseball blues will be the beginning of the 2013 season. Yet, still they endlessly search through countless cable channels, looking for a baseball game to watch—any baseball game.

Unfortunately, they’re well aware that they’ll only find a periodic classic game rerun on the MLB Network or ESPN.

So until next season begins, we’ll have to relish the wonderful memories—like the San Francisco Giants dominating the 2012 World Series and claiming their second title in three years.

Now that all the individual awards have been handed out to their deserving recipients, let’s close this electrifying season with a look back at Major League Baseball’s Top 25 most unusual occurrences of 2012.


Please Note: Videos of each play are available on MLB.com. Bleacher Report and MLB.com are not partners so I could not embed the video into the slideshow; instead, I linked each video under the slideshow descriptions.

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