This offseason has seen a number of multi-million dollar transactions. Many of those deals were teams re-signing players who were on their team in 2010, such as Jorge De La Rosa by for the Rockies for two-years at $21.5MM, Aubrey Huff by the Giants for two-years at $22MM, Derek Jeter by the Yankees for three-years at $51MM, Paul Konerko by the White Six for three-years at $37.5MM, Hiroki Kuroda by the Dodgers for one-year at $12MM, and Mariano Rivera by the Yankees for two-years at $30MM.

Even though the last of these players had contact with a division, and probably the oldest, rivalry team, these players did sign with the team that signed their paycheck at the end of 2010.

Many players who were part of the 2010-2011 offseason dealings will, however, be wearing different colors for the 2011. Some of these players will be wearing the colors of a team not so far from where they finished their season in 2010 and will be forced to play their formal team as a new rival team.

Between all of the free agent signings and the big trades, this is the ranking biggest transactions of players who changed teams during this offseason.

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