It is kind of fun to use the rosters of the Futures Games kind of like you use those copies of the Baseball America Prospect Handbook that you bought so many years ago. You can see what happened and which players became what they should have become.

All of those players were chosen for those games because they seemed to have a world of potential at the time.

Naturally, the people using the teams know something about baseball and many of their picks did indeed become quality major league players.

Today I’m going to pick the ultimate lineup of participants in this game over the years. Like I said, there were plenty of good players, but I only want the 10 best. I will take one of each fielding position with one right-handed pitcher and one left-handed pitcher to give this list some type of organization. Since we are talking about such a long span of time (the game began in 1999), some of these players might not be superstars right now, but they had been for substantial periods of time within the past decade.

All statistics were taken from Baseball Reference.

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