We’ve seen some really good catchers over the past decade. Mike Piazza is probably the greatest offensive catcher in Major League history, and Ivan Rodriguez probably the best defensive catcher.

Joe Mauer, who’s already won three batting titles in his short career, can do both at a high level and will likely, someday, end up in baseball’s Hall of Fame.

But who are the 10 greatest catchers in Major League history? That’s a tough question to answer. These rankings are based on career totals and prime level performance.

Historical WAR data played a large role in compiling this list, though obviously there is some subjectivity in any ranking. As always, these players are judged against their peers.

Assumptions are made about the quality of play, but players from all eras are ranked together.

Players contributions both offensively and defensively have been considered, so players like Garry Carter, and on the flip side, players like Mike Piazza, can be given serious consideration.

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