For many fans of America’s pastime having an insight into the thoughts and daily lives of the players is highly coveted.

Knowing what Derek Jeter had for breakfast would make Brooklyn housewives feel as though they were in his Trump Tower kitchen.

Listening to Albert Pujols buy movie tickets might make the entire midwest stand stiller than it already stands.

These days many professional athletes tweet or otherwise offer up such personal thoughts, though they often come across as a little forced or disappointing.

Ron Artest actually befriends fans through twitter and recently bought two of them a pair of Finals tickets worth $18,000.

Yet we haven’t always been so connected. Imagine what it would be like to hear your favorite players’ thoughts on draft day.

Imagine that they tweeted and you could have known…

Here are 15 tweets I think draft-day participants might have tweeted if they could have.

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