Two-time Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum has started 104 games in his career. In those 104 games, eight have been against the Houston Astros.

And in those eight games, Lincecum has faced off against long-time Astros ace Roy Oswalt six times.

That’s 75 percent.

In baseball, with all the maneuvering that goes on, the roster turnover and the random off-days, the chances of a pitcher even facing the same team a few times over the course of the season is rare — much less having the rotation line up so that the same pitchers pitted against each other every time.

But Lincecum and Oswalt share more than just a few box scores with each other. They share a reputation. They break the mold, they lead their team, and they dominate opposing hitters.

They were both passed upon by many teams because of their small stature, and have emerged as two of the most elite pitchers of the decade.

This slideshow will be a recap of their six meetings so far, so get ready for a walk down memory lane.

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