Usually when I hear about minor league baseball players being moved up to AAA from AA, I don’t really care. I only pay attention to the major leagues and their players and what’s going on with the big boys and the big teams.

But for some reason, this Stephen Strasburg kid is capturing my interest, even though he is in the minor leagues. Everybody has been talking about him being the best thing since sliced bread.

He also might be the only positive story related to the Washington Nationals, considering the fact that they have had absolutely no success since moving to Washington, D.C.

Apparently, Strasburg has been pitching in the minors—and very well, at that.

On the one hand, if he’s doing so well in the Nationals farm system, then once he gets to the majors, he could end up being just as good, which is just what the Nats are hoping for.

On the other hand, he’s been great in the minors, but he still hasn’t pitched in the majors against ball players that have it all together.

It was reported earlier this morning that Mr. Strasburg is one step closer to the major leagues. He has been promoted to the AAA Syracuse Chiefs, and will debut on Friday against the Gwinnett Braves.

Thus far, he has pitched well in the minors, going 3-1 with a 1.64 ERA in five starts for the Harrisburg Senators. If he continues to pitch like this in the majors, he’s going to be a leading candidate for rookie of the year.

Like many fans, I’m still a little nervous for the guy though. What if he pitches in his first few games with the Nats and ends up bombing at least two of them?

Let’s say he goes 1-2 in his first three starts with an ERA of about 3.50. (It could happen, considering the fact that he will be facing major league players who have it together.)

They say that Stephen Strasburg will be making his debut sometime next month, which excites me. He’s either going to live up to the hype or not live up to his expectations. He will either be the top dog that he was made out to be or just a dog with only a bark and no bite.

Fans should be pumped up too. Besides, even if things don’t go well, Nats fans have witnessed failures from their team, and another loss wouldn’t make much of a difference.

So, here’s what you should think about Stephen Strasburg he is a great pitcher who deserves to get a shot at the majors this season, based on his performances in the minors so far.

He will indeed give the team a bit of a spark this year, but likely not enough for playoff contention in September.

He’s only one guy.

This team will still finish under .500 with him in the rotation and at full health. Though I’m excited to see his debut, I don’t think he’ll be able to turn this franchise around.

If you think otherwise, you need to get your head out of the clouds.

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