It cannot be overstated how amazing the debut of phenom Stephen Strasburg was.

Personally, I’ve never seen anything like it, and I seriously doubt that you have either.

With so much hype surrounding the young man, it seemed impossible for him to possibly live up to it, especially in his first big league outing. But live up to it he did, perhaps even making it seem like he wasn’t getting enough hype.

Over seven innings against the Pittsburgh Pirates, the young flamethrower fanned 14 batters, including the last seven he faced. The only blemish on his gem was a 4th inning home run from Delwyn Young, who was quoted as refering to Strasburg as “Just another pitcher”, Well, Delwyn, you may have got your knock off of him, but I think it’s safe to say that Mr. Strasburg is far more than just another pitcher.

We must remember that it’s only game, and that he is certain to take his bumps as he adjusts to major league hitters, and they adjust to him. But whatever “It” is, he has it, and it’s going to take him along way in the glorious game of baseball.

This is a special young man, with a world of talent. He seems to be just like the fictional “Nuke” LaLoosh, the gods reached down and turned his arm into a thunderbolt when he was baby.

The National League East has been put on notice. Watch out for The Nationals.


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