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I hate when my friend says “things could be worse” when it comes to the Cubs.

As the Cubs sit at 27-35 on the season; third place feels a long way away from first, and it is.

As much as this 2010 Cubs team is in the hole right now, their future is not insanely bleak. With the tradable contracts of Ted Lilly, Derrek Lee, Xavier Nady, Ryan Dempster, and Carlos Silva, the Cubs can get a gigantic amount of back-loaded cash and older players off the team this deadline.

Players like Fukudome, Zambrano, and Soriano could always find suitors, but the Cubs would have to eat a sizable amount of their contracts. Although that is a hassle, they still free up positions are another pretty large chuck of change.

I say things could be worse because the Cubs could have made a few rumored signings this past off-season that would have further handcuffed them for the future…

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