The 2010 MLB All Star weekend voting deadline is on the horizon. So this morning, I logged onto the Internet and compiled a ballot of my own.

When it comes to fan voting, I have to admit that I am a believer in the system. I obviously hate when a popular player makes the starting lineup who is either having an off year or who has been injured. With that said, it’s nice to have the fans make their case heard and have their players begin the game.

After looking over the ballot, I have selected my players to create what should be the starting lineup for this year’s festivities. My votes are based around what players have done throughout this season at this point in time. I will also compare my votes to the current vote leaders in the respective positions.


American League

Catcher: Joe Mauer

Mauer currently leads the American League in votes at any position. He has had a solid year, is the best catcher in his league, and deserves to be starting behind the plate. Mauer was hurt during the beginning part of the season and has yet to catch up to his stellar pace from last season. With that said, I believe Mauer will heat up and compile another very strong season.

1b: Miguel Cabrera

The Detroit Tigers first baseman is having one of the best years of any player in the league. He hits for a high average and leads the American League in both home runs and RBI’s. With a little luck, Cabrera has a shot at competing for the triple crown. Justin Morneau is the current vote leader and is having a very good year. His numbers are close to Cabrera’s and he does deserve a spot on the AL roster.


2b: Robinson Cano

The second base position is a very obvious selection. At this point in time, Robinson Cano is the best player in the league and the MVP so far. He is hitting above .370 and has really found his power stroke to all places of the field. He is the current leading vote getter at his position and will be the starting 2b for his squad.


3b: Evan Longoria

Another obvious selection is the Tampa Bay Rays third baseman, Evan Longoria. He is having a truly unbelievable year while being able to mix power with speed. He is the face of his franchise and will represent them while in Los Angeles this year. He will win the position and become this year’s third base starter.


SS: Derek Jeter

Jeter currently has the second most votes of any player at any position in the American League. He is having a solid year, and as one of the most popular players in the league, he will become this year’s starter. He deserves this honor, as he is having the most complete year of any player at his position.



This is the most difficult decision when it comes to picking the three most deserving players to fill the outfield. The current vote leaders are Ichiro, Carl Crawford, and Nelson Cruz. All three are having stellar years, and Cruz has put together unbelievable numbers considering he has been to the disabled list twice during the season.

However, none of the three leaders get my vote. The best outfielder in the league right now happens to be Vladimir Guerrero. His stats have been completely out of this world, and he is playing like the Vlad of five years ago. He is near the top in almost all of the offensive categories and should be a starter.

My second outfielder happens to come from the same team. Josh Hamilton has turned his play up to a whole new level and has compiled an unbelievable month. He has great stats at this point and is the second best outfielder at this point in time.

My third choice was difficult, as I like both candidates. Crawford and Alex Rios are both having extremely strong seasons. Rios happens to be having a better one. After a few lackluster seasons, Rios has found his place in Chicago and also deserves to be a starting all star.

The voting will end soon, so get out there and vote for the players that most deserve this honor. This year’s All Star weekend should be another fun and eventful time for baseball.

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