Scott Baker has to be one of the most frustrating pitchers for any fantasy owner this year. When he is on, he is lights out (Sunday vs LAA 7 IP, 5 H, 0 R, 4K), but there is another side to Baker that doesn’t exactly sit well with owners.

I personally dropped him in my league on June 11th, after a dismal outing against the Kansas City Royals where he gave up five runs in five innings. Of course, the next game Baker pitched his best outing of the season, giving up only two hits and striking out 12.

I kicked myself for a few days, but then happily smiled when he gave up 20 hits and 11 runs combined in his next two starts against the Brewers and the Mets.

It’s frustrating watching a guy like Scott with so much potential. Although he may end up with a second season of 15 wins, a 4.63 ERA is just too high considering the Twins’ ERA is 3.93 (without Baker they would have a 3.81 ERA) and the AL league average is 4.16.

In 2008 and 2009, Baker had similar WHIP (1.19) and BAA (.247), both being respectable numbers. This year, though, it is clear he has struggled with his control, raising his WHIP to 1.33 and a not-so-flattering .280 BAA.

Baker has been Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde in his wins vs losses.

In his 11 Wins, Baker has posted a 2.43 ERA, allowed 7.53 hits/9 and a very low 1.04 WHIP. In contrast, in nine losses he has a 8.41 ERA, 14.6 hits/9 and a very high 1.83 WHIP. Obviously numbers are always inflated in losses but the difference here is staggering.

On a positive note, Baker has put up impressive numbers in August, raking in four wins, 29 K, 3.08 ERA and a 1.18 WHIP.

Clearly, 2010 has been far from what owners expected when they drafted him at the beginning of the year. Maybe 2011 will hold what we’ve all been waiting for…an ALL-STAR!

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