On Friday it was announced that Cody Ross was claimed off waivers by the San Francisco Giants.

The move to claim Ross was done primarily to block the San Diego Padres from acquiring Ross, after center fielder Tony Gwyn Jr. obtained a season ending injury.

In the tight NL west division, claiming Ross was a very good decision, since there are now few available center fielders that the Padres can acquire.

This move is excellent for the Giants since they have left their NL West rivals in an awkward position to fill their CF hole, giving the Giants a big edge.

This move, even though a good strategic one, has now created a rather confusing outfield since there are now six outfielders and it will be interesting to see which ones will start and which ones will be placed in a utility role.

If it were up to me ,I’d put Cody in the starting lineup because he has a good bat and is one of the most clutch players in the NL, but also because his defense could prove to be extremely valuable in the spacious AT&T park.

This move has now given this Giants team and edge, and it also has given the Marlins a chance to bring back up top prospect Cameron Maybin.

And a big plus for the Marlins is that they can shed a good amount of payroll by getting rid of Ross’ salary, and avoiding another year of arbitration.

This move, in the end, benefits both teams and is definitely going to make a huge difference for the Giants in the NL West and Wild Card race.

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