It has been a tough week for the New York Yankees. A strange week. A disappointing week. Any way you look at it, this past week left Yankees fans all over the world, and space, concerned.

The Yankees went 2-5 last week, 2-6 if you want to include yesterdays loss on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball . This is not what the Yankees hoped for considering their opponents last week were division rivals Tampa Bay and Boston, followed by the Mets, their cross-town rival.

After playing 13 games in 12 days, the Yankees get a day off today. A much needed breather. The team needs to regroup and get ready for another tough three-game series in Minnesota against the Twins.

The Yankees problems go up and down the roster. Pitching, defense, and clutch hitting are all areas that need improvement. During this tough week, the team has played some sloppy games.

In an odd turn of events, the only two wins the Yankees had last week, both went to Javier Vazquez. Yes, the pitcher that had such a horrible start to the year. Vazquez earned one win in relief and the other in the series opener against the New York Mets. In that game, Vazquez was pitching a gem until injuring his finger while bunting.

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