Jeff Francoeur certainly has his free-swinging ways.

Sure enough, he displays poor plate discipline. Couple that with his low on-base percentage and you have the reasons why he couldn’t stay in the lineup.

Yet, he has talent, and it seemed to me that he was making a concerted effort to change his approach.

On one hand, a guy like Oliver Perez (whom the Mets have tried to part ways with, but still have on the current roster) frustrates Dan Warthen and Jerry Manuel to no end with his refusal to do even the basics, such as repeat his pitching motion. In addition, Perez demonstrated what an awful team player he was in refusing a Minor League assignment.

By contrast, in 2009, with the season in complete tatters and devoid of hope, Jeff Francoeur played out the season with torn ligaments in his thumb. Isn’t that the type of player us Met fans should want to root for?

Especially as opposed to a selfish player such as Perez, who in essence has turned a 25-man roster into 24 this year.

Is this the message the Wilpons want to send the fans as to the type of character they endorse?

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